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When Meetings Can’t Be an Email

It’s practically an old jigsaw at this point: “That meeting could have been an email.” However, multiple meetings can’t be just one email, even if you’d like them to be separate. Some topics and business problems only require face-to-face interaction so that decisions can be made or action plans can be drawn up. When this… Read More »

Understanding the Importance of Online Education

The pandemic changed the world in many ways, and one of the sectors most affected was – and still is – the educational system. Schools, universities and other traditional institutions around the world had to close their doors and send their students home. While some of them were able to move their classes online thanks… Read More »

The Top 30 Most Influential People in The Metaverse

From Mark Zuckerberg saying Facebook will become a Metaverse company, to Satya Nadella saying one of the goals for Microsoft is the Metaverse, you can’t read business news today without looking at du jour. While the metaverse is still being defined and developed, several prominent figures have become the leading voices promoting, educating, advising, developing… Read More »

How IoT is Evolving Agriculture

exceptional efficiency Agriculture is now in a competition. With deteriorating soils, dwindling land supplies and increasing weather variability, farmers must produce more. Thanks to IoT-enabled agriculture, farmers can monitor their produce and conditions in real time. As a result, they have quick insight, can recognize problems before they happen, and can make well-informed decisions about… Read More »

The sound of stars

As a musician, and director of the Multiverse Concert Series – a non-profit organization that combines music and science in live performances – I strive to create musical metaphors for science dreams and descriptions to share with the audience I am I think bringing artists and scientists together on stage can help them communicate the… Read More »

How to shape a productive scientist–artist collaboration

Art can be a powerful medium for discovering the deeper meaning of scientific endeavor. Collaboration between scientists and artists is underway around the world, and daily postings on social media with the #SciArt hashtag show that often-different domains are merging in a refreshing and exciting way. Although many such collaborations primarily aim to engage and… Read More »

Dear grant agencies: tell me where I went wrong

I am just starting my second year as a research fellow at the University of Glasgow, UK. Most of my first year – particularly time spent in lockdown – was devoted to writing grant applications aimed at early career researchers (ECRs). These grants are typically for small amounts (£ 20,000, or less than US $… Read More »

Closing in on a complete human genome

The human genome is often compared to a landscape, with a complex and diverse topography of genes and regulatory sequences. But in many places, the area is less dramatic vistas and more desert highways: vast and repetitive. Consider a chromosome’s centromere, which connects its two gene-laden arms. Centromeres include thousands of identical homologous α-satellite sequences… Read More »